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Welcome to MeVaChi, a trailblazing entity with a visionary commitment to safeguarding human health and processes amid the dynamic challenges posed by our ever-evolving environment. Rooted in our unwavering passion for delivering sustainable, high-quality solutions, we address the diverse and demanding needs of industries worldwide. 

At MeVaChi, our mission extends beyond conventional consulting services; we specialize in crafting bespoke design solutions tailored to individual requirements, all with a steadfast dedication to responsibly enhancing human conditions. Proudly, we stand as leaders in optimizing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), setting benchmarks not only in India but on a global scale.


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IAQ Solutions

Air pollution isn't just an outdoor problem; it can also harm the air inside our homes. Smoke, vapors, mold, and chemicals from paints and cleaners can make indoor air unhealthy.

Molecular Filtration

Our solutions effectively remove molecules, gases, and vapours, adhering to the highest industry standards such as ISO 10121 and ASHRAE 145.2.

MVC Care+

Experience HVAC excellence with MVC Care+, a cutting-edge and compliant HVAC equipment and energy management solution.

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"Outstanding service! Our office air quality drastically improved after MeVaChi installed their purification systems. Highly recommended!"

Suri Electricals Delhi

"Impressed by the expertise! MeVaChi transformed our home's air quality. Breathing easy now!"

Sasha Gaba ---

"Remarkable results! Thanks to MeVaChi, our home feels fresher and healthier. Exceptional service!"

Gulshan Arora Noida Sector 71

"Professional and effective! The air quality in our workspace improved notably post-installation. Great work!"

Abhishek Raghuvanshi VVIP Residences

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